Revised Rules for Classified Ads

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Revised Rules for Classified Ads

Post by Ironstone74 » 27 Jan 2013, 21:17

The following is the revised rules for posting ads. Each ad must include:

1. Detailed description of the item for sale including make, model, dimensions
2. Condition of the item ie new, excellent, very good, good, well used etc. Is the item under warranty?
3. Location of the seller. Will seller ship item? Pick up only? Will seller meet at agreed location etc
4. Asking price. Price must be included.
5. Pictures will remain optional. Posting pictures will help you sell your item faster. The only reason we have left pictures optional is to not exclude those unable to post pictures from posting ads.
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Re: Revised Rules for Classified Ads

Post by chromaticaberrations » 11 Feb 2013, 22:41

If you're able to, can you make these rules appear at the top of each classified section (reels, rods & misc) ? Ensures that everyone reads and understands before posting.



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Re: Revised Rules for Classified Ads

Post by inpursuitofsteel » 11 Feb 2013, 22:42

^^Great idea, I think that would be awesome, no confusion!!



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Re: Revised Rules for Classified Ads

Post by SMR » 19 Oct 2014, 12:26

Thought I'd do a quick write-up of commonly used terms & abbreviations used on many forum boards in their Classified/EE (equipment exchange) sub-forums. Hopefully this not only helps the Mods, but also the members in some way, shape or form. It should in the least keep the threads less cluttered

These are pretty much standard fare for 95% + of the two dozen or so forum boards I belong to. As stated in a thread previously, I see a ton of transactions completed on a hourly/daily basis involving high-end gear for lots of cash, moving from Coast to Coast. I'd say 99.5% go through without a hitch. Most of these boards have in excess of 5000+ daily active members from across the country to boot.

Admins - there should be an ability to lock the "reply to thread" button in your settings for the Classified sections. Please look into this. No one wants to see replies to their ads on a quick glance, only to see it has nothing to do with the actual ad. Good, bad, colourful, sarcastic or otherwise... It'll also make your jobs easier of deleting non- pertaining posts...

Couple of things for potential Buyers to keep in mind;

Read the entire ad carefully. It'll save time conversing back & forth via PM answering questions to which the answers are probably already there.

Respect the sellers criteria. Trying to force an issue because it meets your situation is a good way for the seller to be turned off & move on without further contact.

Couple of things for potential Sellers to keep in mind;

Try to make sure you list a complete description/background of your product. Again it will eliminate the need for on-going PMs answering the same question/s to mutiple potential buyers. Offer more detailed pictures & description via email if needed.

Respect your client!. They have just as much to gain or lose as you the Seller does. If you are un-able to reach an agreement, politely state such and say your moving on. No harm done, so no foul done.

Couple of things for both Sellers & Buyers to keep in mind;

If an agreement has been reached. Keep your word!. This goes for meet times, places and shipping on when stated. If for some reason a deal has been negated, keep it to yourself & the other party. Unless it's fraudulent based no one else needs to know the reasons why or wants to hear or see the whining in a post. If it is fraudulent based & you would like to warn the community, by all means do so, but tastefully & without details if local law enforcement is or is to be involved.

Terminology 101 8)

EMT - Electronic Money Transfer.

If you bank online via laptop, computer or iWhatever, most of the Majors (TD Royal CIBC etc) have this feature. Paypal is a thing of the past, especially now since they charge an additional 3% on top of the sale price/funds being transferred. Not to mention the 3-5 days it takes for it to show up in your account.

Generally, it is the Buyers responsibility to pay that extra 3% on top of the purchase price.

EMT is secured by 128bit encryption minimum. It is accessible through your email & a secure password only the buyer and seller knows.None of your banking info is available to the opposite party involved. Best part is, once you access it via email & password provided the funds are instantaneous!

FTF - Face to Face
MnG -Meet & Greet

First I'll take it, gets it

Pretty self-explanatory, but generally is followed by EMT payment within 24hrs rule on most boards. Unless prior arrangements are agreed on, if no funds have been transferred, the Seller is free to move on to the next potential buyer. Also, most boards that "I'll take it" is basically an online gentleman's agreement/commitment to the purchase, so be serious of your commitment. It'll help eliminate the bad seller threads on here.

Firm - Seller is only accepting their asking price

No Trades - self explanatory

OBO - Or Best Offer

If this is in the ad, you can make a lower offer.

LBWI/Low Ballers Will be Ignored

This isn't Kijiji or Barneys Bargain Basement Bin. Know your product and it's current market value. Offering a ridiculous price is a good way to end up on someones "ignore list" and earning a bad reputation on the board.

Shipping - Generally at Buyers expense, but can be agreed to be split equally and/or included in final sale price.

BNIB - Brand New in Box
NWT -New with Tags (basically new/unworn clothing)

MINT/Minty - self explanatory (9.5 or higher out of 10)
EXC - excellent condition (8-9.5 out of 10)
VG - Very Good condition (5.5-8.5 out of 10)

Again, hopefully this helps or maybe some these ideas are implemented. In the fery least it's food for thought.

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Re: Revised Rules for Classified Ads

Post by streeker02 » 19 Oct 2014, 20:48

seems obvious, but I"ll point it out : EMT = ZERO protection for the buyer. Best trust who you're dealing with.

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