Info on 11-11’6” Blanks and Rods

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Info on 11-11’6” Blanks and Rods

Post by Steelie247 » 25 Nov 2018, 20:42

Looking for Info.. 11’- 11’6” CP Rod or Blank Info
My Son is looking to purchase or build a rod in the 11 to 11’6” range. He currently has a 13 ft GLX 2 power which he loves the power and action of the rod. Is the 11’ 3” GLX similar? The other thing is he is not a big fan of sliding rings. Is there a blank in that 11-11’6” range that someone would recommend which would be as good or better than the GLX?

I know CTS is a great option but they are really pricy. He would like to stay under $200 for a blank or $500 for a finished rod.

Anyone with experience on the St Croix Avid 11 ft please chime in..

(Also most of the fishing is done on Erie Tribs for Steelies and some occasional browns)

Any feed back would be appreciated.


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Re: Info on 11-11’6” Blanks and Rods

Post by inpursuitofsteel » 27 Nov 2018, 18:18

Take a look at the Batson Rainshadow, I believe it's the XST 1143. The rod is 11'6" and the line rating is 6-12lb, the cost of these blanks are very reasonable. You could quite easily build that rod with quality components within your $500 price range. Best of luck to you :)



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Re: Info on 11-11’6” Blanks and Rods

Post by flyrodder46 » 28 Nov 2018, 10:31

Check out the Nova Rods, they have a 11'6" Rainshadow 6-12# for a good price, good guy to deal with. ... ork-handle


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Re: Info on 11-11’6” Blanks and Rods

Post by LarryGC » 10 Dec 2018, 20:44

I would say the rainshadow blanks are amazing for the price!
Another nice 11’6 rod is the raven rpx. You can purchase it with sliding rings or the custom edition that has a reel seat. The rpx is a powerful rod and one of my favourites in my arsenal.

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