Float Fishing - Technique of Casting & My Personal Experience....  
There are few ways to cast a centerpin, float reel. Everyone has their own technique of casting, but overall the most used in North America is side Casting and Wally's casting. In the video beside I'll be showing the "Side Casting", for me it was the easier and faster to learn. We pool the line from the reel using one hand to help the cast. This is like everything, the more you practice the better it is.
I remember the first day I went out with my float reel it was in an Eastern tributary ( More that 20 years ago! ). I should have gone to experience my first cast into a bigger river, but I started my floatfishing life at Wilmot Creek. I'm a small size guy, many try to take advantage of my size, but I always fish with two of my buddies that are much bigger than the average people on the river. Every time we go for a fishing trip, once we are on the spot we split all over to fish in our preferred pools, in my case I was alone with an known guy named "George", I knew his name few weeks after my sad experience as he became friend of one of my bodyguards.
Looking at my new reel I didn't pay attention to the tip of my custom rod that touch a little bit Mr. George pole. The first voice contact with my new pool partner was "don't touch it again!", with his agresive advice I was already feeling very uncomfortable to do my next cast and very unwelcomed to my preferred spot. Few minutes later as unexperienced side casting with my new reel I made my second mistake touching Mr. George rod again, this time he was ready to jump on me and beat me like a boxer hit his training bag, luckily during his alteration, one of my friend appear in the scene calming Mr. George appetite for destruction.
Please try to avoid alteration and conflict with others, remember the river is for everyone to enjoy a moment of peace and calm!
BTW talking about casting, it doesn't matter how you cast, the most important is to feel comfortable!
Another beautiful shot by the Artist MJLeung